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Intro to Bungee ... Saturdays at noon or by private appointment, this session is a 60-minute introduction to the Bungee equipment and basic skills and choreography. *An Intro Session is REQUIRED before attending regular Bungee classes.


Bungee ... Fridays at noon... 60-minute, ongoing group classes for those who have completed a Bungee Intro session.  We warm up with stretching and skills review, before building on new choreography and music. A fun, cardio adventure! 

The Intro to Bungee and ongoing Bungee Classes are included in your membership or class packages, at the same price point as our other group classes.  Private sessions are $60 for 1-2 people or $20/person for 3-6 people.


When you sign up for a session online or thru our app, your reservation will be pending instructor approval, as the Intro Session is REQUIRED before attending a regular Bungee class.

This is a high-intensity, cardio class.

You may wear tennis shoes or do the class in bare feet.

Bring a water bottle!

Bungee fitness classes are not recommended during pregnancy or for those with lower back issues.

Looking for a unique, cardio workout? Try our Bungee fitness classes! In this hot, new style of cardio fitness, students use a hip harness attached to a bungee cord and adjustable strap for a

fun and vigorous workout, blending aerial arts, resistance training and dance. You'll dance, jump, fly, sweat, and definitely burn some calories.